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VS Elevator Notice Sign Holders
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Changeable Elevator Notice Holders:  VS Elevator Notice Holders

Our innovative VS Elevator Notice Holders are designed to enhance communication in high-traffic areas, ensuring that critical information is always within view. Our clean and versatile VS Elevator Notice Holders can be easily mounted inside any elevator cab or elevator floor lobby area. 

Why Choose Our VS Elevator Notice Holders: 

Easy to Update: Effortlessly swap out printed building notices in our VS Elevator Notice Holders when updates arise using our user-friendly VS Purple Suction Cup to remove the clear VS Lexan Cover ensuring up to date information in any situation.  

Clarity and Accessibility: Our VS Elevator Notice Holders are crafted with transparency and user-friendliness in mind. Keep essential notices, instructions, and safety guidelines easily visible to all passengers. 

Durable and Secure: Built with robust anodized aluminium, our VS Elevator Holders are designed to withstand the demands of everyday use. Seamlessly remove the clear VS Lexan Cover with our purple VS Suction Cup and inserts your own customize messaged insert inside the holder. Ensure that your important messages remain protected and intact. 

Customizable Solutions: Tailor your VS Elevator Notice Holders to match your building’s aesthetic or branding. Choose from a range of sizes, and profile to achieve the perfect fit for your strata building or workplace environment. 

Compliance and Safety: Ensure that your building meets regulatory requirements with clearly displayed safety notices and instructions. Our holders are designed to help you maintain a safe and compliant environment. 

Easy Installation: Installing our notice holders is a hassle-free process. With user-friendly 3M VHB foam tape mounting option, you can have them in place quickly and securely. 

Applications for our VS Elevator Notice Holders: 

  • Strata property building notice holders: When installed in a strata property environment, VS Elevator Notice Holders keep residents and guests up to date with details and schedules within the building.  
  • Commercial building notice holders: Whether you are a tenant, visitor, and employee within a commercial building VS Elevator Notice Holders keep you informed with upcoming scheduled maintenance or events happening in your workplace environment. 
  • Medical office elevator notice holders:  Having clean and concise messaging within a medical building improves the overall customer experience. A simple, changeable doctor’s directory listing in our VS Elevator Notice Holder allows clients to find the medical office they are looking for.  
  • Hours of operations notice holders:  Seamlessly keep clients and visitors up to date regarding your hours of operation by using one of our VS Elevator Notice Holders. 

Explore Our Range of VS Elevator Notice Holders: 

  • VSC8.5-11P Curved Elevator Notice Holders are our most trendy design that we manufacture, and our curved profile is clean and elegant. They are ideal for installing inside elevator cabs or wall mounted in each elevator lobby area for clean and simple messaging. 
  • VSF8.5-11P Flat Elevator Notice Holders have a clean and modern design to maximize visibility with your custom messaged inserts. The are perfect for elevators or areas with high foot traffic and they provide a sleek and compact solution messaging solution. 


Elevate communication and safety in your strata building or commercial workplace environment today with our premium VS Elevator Notice Holders. Contact us at SignSource Architectural Signage to discuss your specific needs and explore our customization options. 

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