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VS Washroom Signs
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Restroom Signs & Bathroom Signs

We offer a broad selection of restroom signs & Bathroom signs with Mens, Womens, Unisex, handicapped or custom bathroom sign designs – as well as bathroom directional arrows or any custom graphics. Washroom Signs complying with by-laws around smoking, health code adherence by the business, as well as instructions for faucets and hand dryers. Finding a restroom in your facility shouldn’t be hard. Our selection comes in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colors, and messages to help you find the perfect signage. Brushed metal bathroom signage and signs made with wood or frosted acrylic – add a contemporary look to any office, spa, restaurant, industry or professional environment. You can indicate whether a restroom is available with signs that mark it as in use; or post notices that toilets are public or private.

Our Standard & custom Washroom Sign Solution


SignSource Architectural Signage Ltd. provides a comprehensive solution for businesses and public buildings, where bathroom signs must be visible from every corner.  Our solution includes corridor signs, suspended signs, wall signs and door signs that direct people straight to the restroom. All you need is the right plan for your bathroom signage – and it’s available at a price that will surprise you. Our modular signage solutions enable you to direct visitors in the most effective and efficient way, all while choosing from a variety of designs, locations and anchoring methods, as well as a wide range of finishes.

We also carry ADA braille bathroom signs, hand washing signs and baby changing signs for your public restrooms, toilets and office bathrooms. Need a custom restroom sign? Let us know if you require a bathroom sign you don’t see listed on our web site – we fabricate custom bathroom signs and custom braille signage each and every day. Avoid frustrating your customers and guests, show the way with professional bathroom and restroom directional signs, hallway signs and bathroom door markers.

  • Contemporary Mens Restroom Signs & Womens Restroom Signs
  • Metal bathroom signs & Restroom Signage
  • Bathroom Directional Signs
  • Hallway Restroom Signs & Wall Mount Bathroom Signs
  • Custom Bathroom Signage & Handicap Mens Bathroom Signs and Womens Bathroom Signs
  • Office Door Bathroom Signage & Bathroom Name Plates
  • Restroom Occupied Signs & Slider Signs
  • Must Wash Hands Signage & Baby Changing Signs for Hallway and Restroom
  • Toilet Wayfinding Signs

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